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Entertainment Law

Like art law and internet law, entertainment law is a mix of legal practices including licensing and contracts, copyright, trademark, employment and labor, advertising, privacy and publicity law, but it also often includes an ability to negotiate deals with book publishers, video and film companies, game producers, people involved in the music business from club owners to record companies, and the like.

Some lawyers in entertainment law strictly act as agents, representing client activity from booking engagements to handling client income to ensuring that a venue supplies the proper foods to clients before a concert. Other entertainment lawyers only handle the legal affairs of entertainer clients. These lawyers tend to negotiate and write major contracts and not, for example, routine concert bookings. These lawyers typically handle copyright infringement cases, for example, and do not concern themselves with general day–to–day activities of the entertainer.

Because there are differences in the types of lawyers involved in entertainment law, you need to be specific and selective when discussing your  needs and concerns with lawyers. Make sure you know your needs, know the type of lawyer you need, and make sure the lawyer who is selected knows what is required of him or her.

The Law Firm of David MacTavish, LLC can negotiate and write entertainment contracts, handle your copyright and trademark problems and registrations, and the like. Call or e–mail the Law Firm of David MacTavish, LLC to discuss your needs and concerns.